Exploring the All Foods Fit Philosophy

In our diet-focused society, we’re often accustom to labeling food in black and white terms, ie “good” vs “bad; “healthy” vs “unhealthy”; and “clean” vs “junk”. There’s even the idea that certain foods have “empty calories”, meaning they have no nutritional value. This black and white thinking unfortunately creates a lot of pressure on people’sContinue reading “Exploring the All Foods Fit Philosophy”

What is an Anti-Diet Dietitian?

For an anti-diet dietitian like myself, the word “dietitian” is a bit of a misnomer as it contains the word “diet”. This often leads people to assume that dietitians put people on diets with the goal to lose weight or become some uber health conscious person. Though this type of dietitian does exist, for theContinue reading “What is an Anti-Diet Dietitian?”